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Trash Trailers in Odessa & Midland, TX

Big D Companies of Midland and Odessa, TX started in October of 1977 lining reserve pits for the oil industry.

Poly Pipe Rental Odessa, TX As we grew and searched for additional product lines, we noted that steel pipes were being used to bring fresh water to the pits we had lined. Laborers would work for hours to install the steel lines, and then tear them out and relocate them when the rig moved.

We saw that polyethylene pipe would make the business of water supply much easier because it could be transported on a reel rolled out for use, and then be re-spooled and moved. In 1979 we acquired a spooling truck and welding equipment and began to provide fast and economical rental and installation of polyethylene pipe. This process revolutionized water supplies for rigs, and our poly pipe rental business grew quickly. We have continued developing the process to where we are one of the leading polyethylene pipe installers in the rental market.

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In 1980, we acquired the first pump and generator to complement our rental line, and became the only company at the time to offer complete water supply service. Our customers could call us for pit lining, polyethylene pipe installation, and a pump and generator, instead of having to call three different contractors.

Big D Companies inventory and equipment lists now include many miles of polyethylene pipe, two-ton spooling trucks and auxiliary spooling trailers, a variety of submersible pumps, and a fleet of generators from 30KW to 135KW in size.

Pit Lining Odessa, TX Trash Trailers Midland, TX

Also offering trash trailers for rent in Midland, TX!

Poly Pipe Rental Midland, TX Because our history in the rental business had been so successful, over the years we added other services that we felt would complement our business, such as rental light towers, trash trailers and fence building. In addition to rentals, we are actively seeking sales of polyethylene pipe, and have made permanent installations of sizes up 12" diameter, and many thousands of feet of 2" and 3", both surfaced and ditched.

In March of 1988 we expanded into the business of permanent lining of ponds, using polyethylene membranes in 20 mil to 100 mil thickness. This business has grown rapidly and now includes installation of complete liner systems in landfills, liquid storage facilities, and for secondary containment. More and more each day the Environment Protection Agency and State agencies are enforcing regulations that make the liner business an essential part of our environment.

Trash Trailers Odessa, TX In June of 1991, we saw the growing need for environmental services, and began to offer absorbents and bioremediation. We have since added a variety of sorbent materials, containment booms, skimmers, and salt treatment chemicals, and now offer a quick response to hydrocarbon or salt water spills, and clean up of oil or salt contaminated soil. Environmental concerns are increasing every day, and the future looks bright for our continued expansion.

In March of 1994, we saw an opportunity to broaden our capabilities in liner installation by acquiring the equipment to perform our own construction services. Having our own earth moving equipment has allowed us to become more competitive on many projects, and to do better scheduling.

We provide services throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and throughout the Southwest with occasional projects even farther away. For more information on how we can help you with pit lining, poly pipe rental, trash trailers or any other service, call us today at (432) 688-8100 or toll free at (800) 562-4440.

Proudly serving the Midland, TX and Odessa, TX areas.

Products & Services

Pit Lining - 6 thru 12 mil Polyethylene Liners 20 mil thru 100 mil Polyethylene Pipe - Rental & Sales Custom Fabricated Liners Submersible Pump Rental 30-135KW Generator Rental Light Tower Rental Centrifugal Pump Rental Trash Trailer Rental Fence Building Backhoe LOCATION & ROAD CONSTRUCTION.

  • Dozer & Motor Grader Services
  • Cleanup and Disposal of Contaminated Soil
  • Excavation
  • Backhoe
  • Hauling

Pit Closures Remediation of soils contaminated by saltwater or hydrocarbon Excavation, hauling, disposal of contaminated soils Oil Field pit closures Spill Response - booms, skimmer and sorbents.

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